What Are Kettlebells

admin | October 11, 2011 | Kettlebells

Kettlebells are basically a cast-iron weight that can come in many different sizes used to perform ballistic exercises that are used in a combination of cardio, strength and flexibility training exercises.  The sizes of kettlebells can range from as low as 4 lb all the way up to 175 lb for the hardcore strength trainers.  Unlike a dumbbell, the center of mass of a kettlebell is an extension of the hand.  This is what makes a kettlebell ideal for ballistic and swinging movements.

Typically the exercises that can be done using kettlebells will strengthen the lower back, shoulders, arms and legs.  They will also build endurance and strengthen your grip.  One of the great things about kettlebells is that many of the common kettlebell exercises mimic the movements of actual activities such as shoveling or hard work that might be done on a farm.

While kettlebells are a great tool to strengthen such areas of the body as the shoulders and lower back, it can be dangerous to use them if you have shoulder or back problems or have a weak core.  If this is the case, but you still would like to exercise using kettlebells, it is important to start slow and with a lower weight.

Overall, kettlebell workouts are gaining popularity and for good reason.  Not only kettlebell exercises fun and exciting, but they are very effective.  They are also very portable and easy to transport or store, making it easy to do kettlebell exercises just about anywhere desired.

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