Plan Your Kettlebell Training

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Working out with kettlebells can be fun and rewarding. With planning, deliberate action, and persistence you can get the body you’ve always wanted. This is true for kettlebell beginners or kettlebell masters.

Planning Your Kettlebell Workout Routine

Before you can plan your routine, you should establish your exercise goal. No two people have the same exact goals.

What is the purpose behind your Kettlebell exercise?

  • Do you want to burn a few pounds?
  • Develop upper body strength?
  • Remove the flab from your thighs?
  • Increase your range of motion?
  • Get a six-pack?
  • Become functionally fit?
  • Build total body strength?
  • Build your core?
  • Strengthen you back?
  • Remove the extra skin under your arms?
  • Reduce your love handles?

Once you’ve decided this, you’re ready for the next step.

How often do you want to exercise?

How many days can you devote to uninterrupted training? You can work out three times a week or seven days a week. Can you do it without neglecting other responsibilities? The intent about kettlebells is to fit into your daily life—with minimal time demand or intrusion.
kettlebell training
How long do you want each session to be?

Do you want to do only twenty minutes per session? Or do you want to do more? Maybe you need to start out with less because you suffer with a medical condition like Fibromyalgia that causes muscle and a joint pain—if so that’s okay. You can always gradually increase.

Are you Training for a Short term Goal or long term?

Do you want to make kettlebell training part of your lifestyle or are you doing it to meet a short-term goal—like your daughter’s wedding?

Are you going to use kettlebell training alone to meet your goals or do you need to make lifestyle changes and dietary changes as well?

Once you have the answers to these questions you can start to plan your Kettlebell training circuits keeping in mind these underlying factors.

As you compile exercises that will help, you reach your ultimate goal—remember safety first.

Kettlebell Safety

  • Avoid injury by having the right size bell for you
  • Follow the instructions of your trainer, DVD, book, or video carefully
  • Breathe deeply—your muscles need oxygen to perform properly
  • Be hydrated. Like with every exercise drink water
  • Rest in between your reps as directed
  • Start all exercises in the proper position
  • Maintain correct body form and position throughout
  • Keep movement fluid

Kettlebell exercises were designed to mimic everyday movements. They are to be natural, easy and fun. By doing each exercise correctly you will burn more calories, in a short period of time, build strength and endurance, develop diesel abs, sculpt your perfect body, and have fun while you do it.

The last thing you will want to plan in your routine is when and where you do it. It helps to get into a habit of doing it consistently at certain times of the day and certain days of the week.  If you live somewhere rainy like Seattle, you will likely want to keep your routine indoors, however if you live somewhere sunnier, maybe you want to do it outdoors.  Your living room or garage is always a good option as well.  Just pick a couple days of the week and start making it a habit!  Take action and have fun with your new kettlebell plan.


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  1. I just tuned my kettlebells and they sound great. Of course I’m joking. You don’t have to tune kettlebells.

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