Kettlebells vs. Dumbbells: Which is Superior

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There has often been a debate about the merits of kettlebells vs. dumbbells. To truly tell which is better, we have to know the facts first. Kettlebells are becoming a very popular workout tool for people wanting workouts that don’t require a complete home gym. They are used in a variety of exercises to improve strength. Some may even say that when used correctly they are revolutionary in the fitness and athletic world. Kettlebells are transforming the bodies of all kinds of people from all over the world. This includes men, women, celebrities, Olympic medalists, and more.

Kettlebell workouts use a bowling ball sized device as a weight. Many people refer to the kettlebell as a teapot without a spout. It is rounded like a ball and has a handle at the top like a teapot. When comparing kettlebells vs. dumbbells, it is widely said that kettlebells are the much more effective tool for targeting muscles you want to develop. Compared to dumbbells, kettlebells are considered safer to use when used correctly. A dumbbell user needs to have greater stabilizing control over the weight of the dumbbell. If you lose control of the weight, you run the risk of injury of muscles or injury by dropping it on yourself. Kettlebells however do not require a great amount of stabilization, yet they effectively work the full range of muscles.

Kettlebells Vs. Dumbbells: Your Core

Another big reason kettlebells are considered superior to dumbbells is because they are much more effective for improving the core. The central core is the body’s abdominal and lower back areas. This area is very important for strength and posture. Different exercises are often used to strengthen these core areas. This kind of kettlebell workout is simply called circuit training. Circuit training is helpful for those who want to accomplish a lot. You must be aware of the proper weight lifting exercise techniques in order to avoid injury. As long as you know the proper way of doing your weight training, whether it is with a dumbbell or a weight machine, you will be in safe hands.

kettlebellsKettlebells are considered superior by many because as far as full body workouts go you can do much better by using kettlebells. Unlike traditional dumbbells, you can safely maneuver a kettlebell in all sorts of ways. It is this feature that makes them so versatile and a kettlebell workout so flexible. It is the design of the kettlebell that makes all the difference. Once you begin a workout routine, it is easy to see the advantages that the kettlebell has over dumbbells. To get started, obviously you will need a kettlebell. You can start with just one; in fact you never really have to have 2 kettlebells unless you really want to develop phenomenal strength and bulk. Usually however, moves only require the use of one kettlebell.

Kettlebells Vs. Dumbbells: The Basics

When learning the best workouts with kettlebells, getting the basic moves down first is the most important. Probably the most important move to learn is the kettlebell swing. This move is a foundation to many of the moves found in a complete kettlebell workout. Mastering the swing enables you to develop virtually all the proper techniques you will need to become adept at using kettlebells. The most important thing to keep in mind when learning the core kettlebell moves is to have good form.  If you keep good form, you will avoid injury and get a more effective workout.

The great thing about kettlebells is that they are used to simultaneously lose weight and build muscle, so no matter what your objective is, the kettlebell will work for you. It can also be used to build cardio!

Kettlebell exercises are normally put together in circuit training.  The proper use of Kettlebells in circuit training is important and routines should be created by an expert when first starting.  Once you are more adept with the kettlebell, you can begin creating your own routines. The professional knows which exercises to put together safely so as to not overwork one particular group of muscles. This is why you should use circuit training routines created by professionals only to begin with. Using routines developed by professionals, you will also usually be advised about how often to do it.

Here is a Video of Proper Form Doing a Basic Kettlebell Exercise – Kettlebell Swing

Kettlebell training is used in gyms all over the world. Not all gyms currently have kettlebell training available to clients but hopefully these gyms recognize the importance and are working towards it. Kettlebells can be purchased in several weight loads to include a couple of pounds to more than two hundred pounds. They were initially used by Russian farmers to be an exercise instrument for complete body exercise routines. Later, they were used by people training for strongmen tournaments. Kettlebells have now become one of the essential pieces of gym equipment around the world. Unlike dumbbells, there are a lot of kettlebell exercise routines that you can use that target many different muscle groups.

Kettlebells today are very well made and made to be a very high quality workout tool. They typically have a slight grittiness but are smooth at the same time, making high rep ballistic exercises like snatches and swings possible without tearing apart your hands. They are made as one piece so there is no welding or attaching of any kind. There is a good amount of room in the handle, but not a terribly large amount. Kettlebells have become very popular and because of this there is a massive variety of different users each with their individual preferences on types of kettlebells. If you have never picked up a weight before, a kettlebell would be great for you.  They come in many sizes and people of any fitness level can benefit from them.

So are ketlebells really superior to dumbbells? If you have been weight training for years but have hit a plateau or just need a change of pace, kettlebells will provide an instant boost that keeps you interested in working out, while making your workouts more challenging and more rewarding. The best part about kettlebell training is that these workouts are great for everybody, regardless of your objective. They are great for losing weight, cardio training, toning up or gaining muscle mass. Kettlebell workouts are simply unlike any standard dumbbell, barbell or weight training machine you have ever used. This is due in part to the extremely thick handle, thicker than that of a dumbbell. This will build more hand, grip and arm strength while using. Kettlebells also provide a wider, freer range of motion than any machine or barbell possibly could. It is no wonder why many people consider kettlebells to be superior to dumbbells.

If you are an athlete, you can swing kettlebells up, down and around your body, mimicking movements that are closer to what you would actually perform when in competition. Due to the ball-and-handle design of a kettlebell, they have a different center of mass than a standard dumbbell or free weight. This design forces you to use more of your muscles in each lift or swing that you perform; both raising your heart rate and building more strength and mass.

The effectiveness of kettlebells has been proven by the thousands of success stories over the years. When using kettlebells you will use muscles that you may never knew even existed. All exercises become multi-joint movements, incorporating all of your muscle groups. You might be saying to yourself that kettlebells sound too good to be true; just like an infomercial for the new fitness gadget of the month. However, kettlebells have not only been used for hundreds of years, their effectiveness has been proven in studies.

Kettlebells Vs. Dumbbells: The Conclusion

So choosing between Kettlebells and Dumbells becomes a pretty easy answer. If you are brand new to kettlebells, remember it is always better to start lighter than you might feel you need to, in order to gain an understanding of how to use kettlebells and the form involved. Whether you want to lose bodyweight, decrease your body fat, gain strength or gain lean muscle mass, kettlebell training can and will help you reach your goals. When it comes to comparing kettlebells vs. dumbbells, kettlebells are clearly the best.

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