The Ultimate Secret Weapon: The Kettlebell Jerk

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Recently kettlebells have become the latest rave in America. But kettlebells have a long history. Centuries ago, Russian lifters used kettlebells as weapons. It allowed them to not only fight but to increase muscle strength.

With simple ballistic movements, kettlebell lifters were able to convert their bodies in to powerhouses—for strength and endurance.

If you want to change your body from flab to fabulous, or if you want increase your body strength test the limits of your endurance—then kettlebells are for you.

Kettlebells are round weights with a handle. They almost look like an upside down ring. They give you the same benefits of dumbbell training but quicker. Kettlebells are economical costing $25 dollars (and up).

kettlebell jerkThey are the ideal exercise equipment if you’re on a budget, have limited space, or want to have the flexibility to exercise anytime and anywhere.

Plus you’ll incorporate everyday motions, as part of these explosive exercises routines with will not only strengthen your body but also tone, and trim?

Benefits of Kettlebell Workouts

There are so many benefits that you’ll reap when you workout with kettlebells.

  • Burn more calories in a shorter span of time
  • Build strength and endurance
  • Diesel abs
  • Sculpted body
  • Stronger hand grip
  • Eliminate the need for a gym
  • Save money
  • Flexibility
  • Versatility

Kettlebell exercises are the way to go. Let’s look at a under emphasized yet powerful full body exercise. If you’re serious about transforming your body—you must have this secret weapon in your exercise arsenal.

The Kettlebell Jerk

The kettlebell jerk is comprised of four phases—the rack, the drive, the catch and stand and the recovery. It may sound complicated but it’s not. This is one exercise with a short learning curve.

The jerk depends on your legs to propel the Kettlebell over head. This reduces the stress on your shoulders—as long as your position is correct and you don’t over exert.

To perform the Jerk:

  • Always start from the rack position. Legs straight, abdominals contracted, and pelvis tilted forward.
  • Start–driving step. Make a small jump that is fluid and quick in order to get the kettlebell airborne.
  • Once the bell is in an extended position, it is time to rush under the bell. Catch the bell. When you have caught the kettlebell, your knees and hips should be flexed.
  • To finish stand with the arm extended overhead. Take a minute to recover before you begin your next rep.

It may be challenging to visualize how The Jerk is to be done. If so then here is a video, which will help. A simple way to remember how to do The Kettlebell Jerk is–dip and press underneath.

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