Kettlebell Exercises for a Kettlebell Body

admin | November 25, 2011 | Kettlebell Exercises

I’m sure you’ve seen so many infomercials that say if you try their product you’ll burn more, lose more, lose it faster, have the body that you’ve always wanted quicker . . . And on and on it goes.

You may have tried some of these other exercise machines. Only to be disillusioned. Well I have too much respect for you to try and sell you on another must have exercise machine. But I do want to introduce you to kettlebells.

kettlebell bodyIf you never heard of them, they are cannonball-like weights with thick handles that offer total body toning and strengthening results all in one compact package.

Get Into the Kettlebell Zone

With that said, I have to be honest with you. Kettlebells are just a tool to help you reach your goals. They can’t solve your weight loss problem, build your muscles, or sculpt your body unless you use them—regularly and properly.

You have to get into the kettlebell zone. Be determined to use your kettlebells, to push past your personal resistance to exercise, commit yourself to eat properly and pursue a lifestyle, which will uphold and advance your long-term body and weight goals.

The truth is that kettlebell exercises are only part of the equation—food and lifestyle should be considered as well.

Kettlebell Exercises: Correct Utilization Is The Foundation

Many people get overly zealous when they learn of a new product, exercise, or diet plan—and they forget the importance of properly using the item. This oversight can cause a waste of time, energy, and effort The result is disillusionment or worse injury.

Avoid Kettlebell Injury

To avoid injury with your kettlebell correct movement is essential. Follow the instructions in your kettlebell book, DVD, YouTube video, or article. Make sure that your feet are firmly planted on the ground and are stable. Make sure to breathe in and out correctly. Use fluid motions—abrupt motions could cause injury…

The best thing about using kettlebell is that it uses functional movements—like lifting your hand over your head or bending down to tie your shoe. These motions are fluid. When working out with your kettlebell remember the exercises are meant to mimic what you do naturally.

Frequency Is The Key With Kettlebell Exercises

Though there are some that love, doing kettlebell exercises daily this is not necessary for you—especially if you are a kettlebell beginner. Start out with two or three days a week. If you want to do more than increase. But listen to your body and check with your doctor.

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